Budget Crisis- A Balanced Solution (A Workshop Series)

We may all have come in different ships but we’re in the same boat now ~Martin Luther King Jr.

In light of the recent economic downtown, it is especially important for Virginia residents to be mindful of the state budget and whether our tax dollars are being spent in an efficient,  fair way.  The VOP has developed a 45-minute workshop that provides a background for people to think about the tax and budget system in Virginia. The workshop includes an easy-to-follow power-point presentation with graphs and other visuals, along with some interactive activities, such as the Human Bar Chart exercise. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and group discussion is encouraged.

The three main concepts covered in the workshop include:

  • How does the Virginia budget work?
  • What are the problems that have led us to a large budget shortfall over the past three years and into the next two?
  • What can Virginia do to solve this shortfall without hurting taxpayers that live lower on the income scale?

The VOP stands for a movement from a regressive income tax system that Virginia currently employs, which has harsher effects on those with lower income levels, to a progressive system, which would distribute taxes in a manner that is less cumbersome on lower income levels.The purpose of these workshops is to simply inform participants of the facts and get people thinking about the potential for change. Our ultimate goal is to pass along knowledge to those who are unfamiliar with the details of the state budget, and these workshops are a wonderful way to interact and engage in a dialogue with your fellow community members about these important issues.

Participating in the "Human Bar Chart" exercise during the workshop.

For more information on where you can attend a workshop or to schedule a workshop for your organization or area, contact Teresa Stanley at tstanley@virginia-organizing.org

· “We may have all come in different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

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