“A Century in the Making”- A Popular Education Forum on the New Health Care Law

“In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.”- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Most of us are aware there have been recent changes in regards to health care under the Obama Administration but are you able to describe how exactly you and your love ones are going being affected?  The specifics of the extensive new health care law can be complex, but it is valuable for everyone to know their rights and be prepared. Students, small business owners and those with pre-existing conditions are among those who should be especially aware of some of the law’s finer details.

The VOP is working alongside the Virginia Interfaith Center (VIC), Organizing for America (OFA) and Empower Hampton Roads (EHR) to host an event that has the sole purpose of providing the people with a way of understanding the new health care policies. The format of the event will include presentation of health care law information via a Power Point, expert presenters on several areas of the law, a question and answer section, followed by a summary and call to action.

The event will take place September 16, 2010 at 7pm, at the Church of the Ascension Episcopal Church,  which is located at 405 Talbot Hall Road, Norfolk, VA 23505.  The event is FREE and we welcome anyone and everyone who simply wishes to know more about the new health care law and their rights.

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