Countdown Until the Statewide VOP 15th Anniversary Celebration: 7 Days

“An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.”  ~Author Unknown

The VOP’s 15th Anniversary Celebration is just a week away!

The first part of the day will be devoted to popular education, with two workshop sessions. Several workshops will be help simultaneously and based on their own interests, guests will choose which workshop they would like to attend for each time slot and the various workshop groups break off into different areas to learn about and discuss these topics. Upon arrival, each guest will receive a program, which will provide a brief summary of what can be expected from each workshop.  The workshops that will be provided are listed below:

Session 1 (10-11am)

  • A Tax Budget Workshop
  • State Budget & Revenue 201
  • Community Analysis
  • How the General Assembly Works
  • Building Public Relationships
  • Organizing on Race Issues

Session 2 (11:15am-12:15pm)

  • A Tax Budget Workshop
  • State Budget & Revenue 201
  • Why Organize?
  • Connecting the Dots- Working on Multiple Issues
  • Organizing on Sexual Orientation Issues

After the second workshop has concluded, it’s time for lunch. During lunch, guests can mingle with friends and make new friends! People can eat, socialize, listen to fun music, check out table exhibits and participate in a few other celebration activities.

Following lunch, the day is concluded with the anniversary program and celebration! There will be a roll call of accomplishments, celebration slideshow, special surprise unveiling, and awards to recognize a few of the VOP’s outstanding members.

It will be an informative, yet fun day with a FREE lunch!  Who can turn down free food? For those with children, childcare will be provided at the event. Transportation will be also provided for our chapter. A carpool caravan will be leaving the K-Mart located right off of the I64 Norview Avenue Exit at 8 am.

The event is just days away so make plans to celebrate with us!

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