15th Anniversary Celebration Recap!

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” -Thomas J. Peters

The VOP’s 15th Anniversary Celebration was extremely successful, with about 150 people from all over Virginia gathering in Richmond for a day of learning and celebrating. People of all ages and walks of live spent the day attending two sessions of popular education workshops on the issues that interested them, and interacting and making new friends with VOP members of different chapters at lunch, followed by a program featuring speeches highlighting the VOP’s accomplishments and ambitions for the future.

The South Hampton Roads chapter had strong representation in Richmond, with about thirty members in attendance. It was a great day and an inspiration to push forward and keep doing what we do. Below are several photos from the event.

Celebration attendees wait for the afternoon celebration to begin.

VOP staff members Julie and Ben lead an interactive exercise during the "State Budget & Revenue 201" workshop.

VOP Organizer Brian leads the "human bar chart" exercise during the "Tax Budget" Workshop.

VOP Organizer Cathy leads the workshop "Organizing on Race Issues."

Teresa, Organizer for the South Hampton Roads chapter of the VOP, and Tim, also an active leader with our chapter, lead the "Building Public Relationships" workshop.

VOP Organizers Nic and Harold lead a discussion during the afternoon session of the "Tax & Budget Workshop."

VOP Executive Director Joe introduces the organization's hardworking and wonderful staff members.

Each of the VOP's chapters had a chance to say a quick word during the afternoon Anniversary Program. VOP leader Tim and Leon, who is involved with developing a student discussion group for our chapter, spoke on behalf of South Hampton Roads.

VOP Communications Director Julie holds up a poster during the special unveiling of the new name and logo portion of the program.

Just for fun, there was a VOP car show in the parking lot, where VOP cars driven by staff members were showcased in all their glory. The mock car show featured interior clutter, dinged and dented bumpers bumpers, faded paint jobs and the like.

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