Recent Strides in Immigrant Rights

“Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself”  ~Robert Ingersoll

The Immigration Issue Team has been very active in recent weeks. Virginia Organizing Issue Team leaders attended the  Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission Forum in late July, where concern was raised about the racial profiling laws that are being introduced at the General Assembly in Richmond. During a meeting with Councilman Glenn Davis, the team helped to craft a resolution that could be passed by City Council and included in the legislative packet for Virginia Beach’s state lobbying efforts.  We hope that other localities will weigh in so that we can send a unified message to our state legislators that we will not support racial immigration laws in Virginia.

The Immigration Issue Team was also involved in a peaceful protest in front of the local office of Attorney General Cuccinelli. Frustrated with the anti-immigrant, racial profiling state leadership stance, the group passed out educational flyers and encouraged people to call the Attorney General and the Governor Bob McDonnell to join in voicing disapproval of recent unjust decisions made by local leaders.

Those interested in this issue are invited to learn more with a showing of the documentary film 9500 Liberty. which shows the social and economic effects of the 287g immigration program on Prince William County.  The film and discussion session will take place on September 4th at 9:30AM at the Virginia Beach Central Library, 4100 Virginia Beach Boulevard.

For an article covering the protest, click the link below:

See also this video of the protest against racial profiling laws:

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