Current Events

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.  ~Walter Elliott, The Spiritual Life

The Issue Teams have been hard at work on various fronts! The The Affordable Housing/Providence Mobile Home Park Issue Team has submitted a grant for a feasibility study and business model to be produced to press for the possible purchase of the Providence property. With this grant, Virginia Organizing hopes to maintain this deeply affordable housing stock with residents involved in future redevelopment decisions. The mobile home park protective policy for residents will be on the consent agenda for the December 7th Virginia Beach City Council meeting at 6PM.  We will need to fill the room to support the council members in this decision!

The Immigration Issue Team has been engaged with Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission (HRC) in drafting a human rights resolution that embraces and welcomes all people in our city to be on the HRC agenda in November. This resolution will hopefully passed by City Council in December in time to celebrate Human Rights week.The issue team is also scheduling state legislator visits across the region to push back against the discriminatory and racist policies being introduced in the General Assembly.

The Economic Justice Issue Team is engaged in lifting the Balance Virginia Campaign to educate legislators about revenue fairness and balancing Virginia’s budget.  Letters to the editor to address the issue of extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich is another issue team focus.

The Health Care Issue Team continues to provide educational workshops on the new Health Care law in as many venues as possible.  Please pass the word and consider hosting a workshop!

The Restoration of Voting Rights for Former Felon Issue Team is spreading the word about two upcoming “Restoration of Voting Rights” Workshops in Chesapeake on November 13th and Portsmouth on November 20th. Check out the “Upcoming Events” page for more details.

If you feel passionate about one or more of these issues, there are plenty of ways for you to become involved!  Contact issue team leaders or Chapter Organizer to find out how you can help to make a stand for an issue you feel passionate about!

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