The Issues

There are several issues that the Virginia Organizing focuses its efforts, in order to support and empower people in need. The South Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia Organizing has seven active issue teams:

Providence Mobile Home Park (Affordable Housing)

Celebrating a win at the Chesapeake City Council meeting

As tax-paying citizens, families of a lower income levels deserve to have housing opportunities within their financial limits. 170 families residing at Providence Mobile Home Park in Chesapeake face displacement and potential homelessness if the park owner’s plan to sell the park and build condominiums on the land is carried out. This issue team has assisted the residents in having a voices at Chesapeake City Planning Commission and City Council meetings, and is also exploring possible alternatives for park redevelopment with organizations such as the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation and Habitat for Humanity.

Issue team leader: Lauren Cogswell (

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This issue team seeks to protect the basic human rights of immigrants.

Issue team leader Meghan McNamara (

Economic Justice

This issue team fights to ensure economic policies are just on a social scale. One concern is Virginia’s use of the regressive income tax system, and this team makes a push for an income tax system that is more fair to all income levels.

Issue team leaders: Tim McCarthy ( and Rodney Jordan (

Get Out the Vote

This issue team has the primary goal of increasing the number of votes cast in elections. The team is involved with reaching out to individual citizens to get the facts out about voting and the importance of each persons individual vote.

Issue team leader: Debra Grant (

Health Care

Over 1 million Americans have no health insurance. This issue team works for solutions where aspects such as access, governments requirements and contributions to health care are fair

Issue team leader: Tim McCarthy (

Restoration of Felon Voting Rights

Virginia has some of the more harsh regulations for ex-felons and restoration of voter rights. This issue works to move toward eventually relaxing some of these lawes in Virginia.

Issue team leader: Jim Romeo (

Jobs/Worker’s Justice

Danville VOP supporter Reginald Fitzgerald speaks about the need for direct job creation through the Local Jobs for America Act.

This issue team stands for fighting against worker exploitation and to give a voice to workers who face poor wages, benefits and conditions. With the recent economic recession, jobs have become particularly scares and this team works with citizens most hard hit and in need of jobs.

Issue team leader: Kelley Walker (